The parasol type T has a classic design and is available in round, square and rectangular. Due to its simple elegance, it does not appear overloaded when combined with accessories such as LED lamps, sound and heating.

This market umbrella from MDT-tex is available in square sizes 4x4m, 5x5m and 6x6m, rectangular sizes 4x5m and 5x6m and round sizes 5m and 6m in diameter. In contrast to other tensioning systems, the sunshade type T is opened via a removable crank handle.

MDT-tex also offers this parasol as special sizes up to a size of 10x10m or a diameter of 14m or 16m. MDT-tex manufactures its telescopic umbrella frames from aluminium. Type T can withstand wind speeds of up to 60 km/h. MDT-tex offers the type TS (up to 80 km/h) and the type TK up to 100 km/h for exposed locations with high wind loads.

The membrane fo the type T parasol can be selected from all materials offered by MDT-tex. However, please contact us for advice on finding the optimum membrane with sufficient strength and durability for you.

The market umbrella type T can be anchored mobile with a frame stand, or also firmly with a ground sleeve.

The telescopic umbrella is ideally suited for gastronomy, hotel facilities and the private sector.

The parasol type E is square, available in the sizes 4x4m, 5x5m and 6x6m and round with the diameter 4m, 5m and 6m. Type E can be opened or closed with a removable hand crank. The tulip umbrellas have an aluminium frame with a plexiglass covering that surrounds the mast and allows water drainage. MDT-tex offers various materials for membranes. Let us advise you individually to make a choice between MDT-tex 260 FR, MDT-tex 480 PVC or MDT-tex 680 PVC. The tulip umbrellas can be installed as a mobile solution, with an umbrella stand or as a fixed construction with a foundation.

This special parasol can be used for various locations and events. Its special design creates a very special ambience and is the perfect alternative to the classic parasol.

Due to the wide spectrum of different span widths, the tulip umbrella can be used for everything from small gardens in your own home to extensive public spaces. The individual design with light effects e.g. LED lamps and printable membrane make the parasol the perfect brand ambassador for your gastronomy or trade fair events.


With the appropriate exclusive covering, which is available in many colors, and is light, water and weather-resistant and with a possible individual print, wooden umbrellas also ensure a pleasant lounge atmosphere in a street café. Here you can spend your lunch break in a pleasant way or enjoy your coffee in the afternoon.

Our wooden parasols provide shade and at the same time create a feel-good atmosphere in your stylish ambience. Parasols made of wood have a long tradition. They have been used by market women for a very long time, which is why they are also known as market umbrellas. Of course, the technology of the umbrellas has changed a lot in the meantime and we use innovative innovations to manufacture the classic wooden parasols in a modern and contemporary way. As a sunshade manufacturer, we only use the best and exclusive materials that are color-fast and guarantee that our wooden sunshades are of high quality.

Every single umbrella is manufactured with the utmost care in our company in Germany. Through high-quality materials and solid work, we guarantee that the wooden parasols we offer have a long service life.



The telescopic umbrella is one of the most important umbrella models in the MDT collection. Its expansion mechanism can be made much thinner as a result of it being constructed entirely from aluminum, and as a result of this design detail, it has an extremely elegant look. The umbrella’s functionality can also be maximized because of the material: The telescopic umbrella is available as standard with spans of up to 16 meters; the larger models (from 7 × 7 meters and up) come equipped with electric motors. Using the matching rain gutter membranes, several telescoping umbrellas can be joined together easily to create a fixed covered area outdoors. The product characteristics make the Model T one of the most popular umbrella models for in food service and industry. A version designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 130 km/h is available for particularly windy areas, such as in the mountains or by the ocean. In this version, all critical parts like the center pole and spokes are reinforced or have been replaced with stainless steel.

The cover is made up of individual segments which are screwed to the frame by Sterling Steel hooks at the top and by rust-proof screws at the ends of the spokes. The cover is replaceable and is fade, light and water resistant. It is designed to withstand all weather conditions and can be ordered with valances.


  • Frame base to be loaded with concrete blocks (240 kg total)
  • Ground tube
  • Foldable adapter for easy installation
  • Core drilling and ram-pin
  • Support plate


  • Digital print
  • Screen print
  • Dispersion dye print

The spokes are made out of square aluminium bars (40x20x2 mm – 50x20x3 mm). The centre pole has a wounded aluminium profile. The umbrella profile contains a U profile for the attachment of the spokes. The frame is powder coated (polyester powder ca. 80 μ).

White RAL 9010 (standard)
Black RAL 9005
Silver RAL 9006
The gearbox and the spindle are contained in the centre pole and can be operated by handle or using a motor.


  • Opening and closing by hand crank
  • All materials are water and corrosion resistant
  • All parts attached by screws can be easily replaced
  • Mechanics include a telescopic pole which allows the umbrella to open or close over the table
  • Maintenance-free gear box
  • Possible with lights and heating
  • Safely handles winds up to 60 km/h (with the proper bases)


  • Various lighting options
  • Transport case
  • Protective sleeve with telescopic pole
  • Event Platform and MDT Flex-Bar
  • Wind walls with different heights
  • Mobile ground flooring with wind walls that withstands any expected gust speeds
  • Heaters
  • Speakers
  • Electric motor for opening the umbrella (can also be used for the wind walls)
  • Rain gutter to connect adjoining umbrellas
  • Cloth side walls with doors or windows
  • Cabling is housed within the central mast

100% polyester dual-sided acrylic coating). Mass ca. 260 g/m², water column pressure over 700 mm, flame retardant up to B1 – DIN 4102-1, M1, NFPA 701 – Flat and Folded.

100% acrylic fabric. Mass ca. 300 g/m², water column pressure up to 350 mm.